This Cookie Policy page explains how OXISTCEH and its subsidiaries (further referred as “we”, “us”, “our”, or “OXISTECH”) use cookies, what data we collect, and why we do it.

We care about your privacy and allow browsing most of our web pages without asking you to provide any personal information. But we still need it to personalize and customize your experience.

We use cookies to collect information and track activity on our site. Cookies are only used to help provide services and can be refused by changing your browser settings. You can find a detailed guide on how to disable cookies here.

We apply Cookie Policy to (referred further as “Website”) and any other branded web pages, websites, or third-party platforms owned or managed by OXISTECH (further referred as “OXISTECH Websites”).

By navigating OXISTECH Websites, you accept the use of cookies we collect. OXISTECH keeps the right to edit this Cookie Policy in part or in the whole at any time.

  1. About Cookies

Cookies are small bits of data stored on your computer or mobile devices. If you agree to use it, a website you have already visited will be able to identify you.

  1. Why do we use cookies

OXISTEH uses cookies to recognize you, keep records of your actions, improve page navigation, and remember your preferences. It helps make our website easier to use and provides a personalized user experience.

  1. Types of cookies OXISTECH uses

We use different types of cookies:

  • Strictly necessary cookies to enable you to move around OXISTECH Websites and fully use all its features. Also, these cookies help us to determine the number of unique users of the website. They are used for website functioning, and without them, some services can’t be provided. They are installed when the user makes actions on the website: for example, log in to the system or fill in the form. This data is not available for any analytics systems.
  • Performance cookies to keep a record of the OXISTECH Website pages you visited and links that brought you to OXISTECH Websites. It helps to provide you with a better user experience. Also, these cookies let us see what pages of the website are the most or the least visited and how users navigate the website.
  • Website session cookies to keep track of your actions during a browser session. The session starts when you access OXISTEH Websites and expires when you leave it or after 30 minutes of inactivity. After that our session cookies are automatically deleted.
  • Targeting cookies to record your visit to our website, accumulate analytics about OXISTECH Websites usage as well as third-party cookies we get via social media channels or ads placed on third-party platforms. They are used to make advertising more relevant to your interests.
  1. Third-party cookies that OXISTECH collects

Third-party cookies OXISTECH collects may include but not be limited to Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, etc., and maybe a subject to their Cookie policies, which are listed on their websites.

  1. Who can access the data collected by OXISTECH

OXISTECH is the only holder of the collected data. It is kept confidential and safe under the regulations described on our Privacy Policy page.

  1. Personal data we collect

You can read a detailed list of personal data we collect on our Privacy Policy page in the “Personal Data List” paragraph. Follow this link to proceed.

  1. Contact, questions, and changes

We may make changes to the Cookie Policy from time to time we will take reasonable steps to let our users know about these changes. You can keep track of changes made by referring to the date below.

If you have any questions about our privacy practices, or about how to change your cookie preferences, please contact our privacy champion at

Update 25 October 2021